10 Ways (and countless reasons to) Improve Emotional Intelligence

10 Ways to Improve Emotional Intelligence

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What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence, or more commonly known as (EI) or (EQ), is defined in a variety of ways.  Typically, it is the ability to be conscious of one’s emotions while also being able to express them and control them leading to great interpersonal relationships.


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Traits of Emotionally Intelligent People

People who have high emotional intelligence have been found to also have these characteristics:

  • They generally have a positive focus
  • They choose to surround themselves with other positive people
  • They know when to say no (and yes)
  • They are highly empathetic
  • If asked, they will describe themselves as generally happy people
  • They set healthy boundaries
  • Their focus is not on the past
  • They tend to be as interested in others as they are interesting
  • They know how to enjoy life!

Luckily, studies have shown that those that lack EQ can obtain it with some dedication, work, and time.

Find out how you rate by taking a free emotional intelligence test here!

There are Lots of Great Resources on Emotional Intelligence.Child in thought

I suggest you dig into some of these bad boys if you need to improve your EQ (or just want more information on it; It’s a fascinating subject!)

Since I write to share ideas & products that I love, naturally my content may contain affiliate links.  For more information, check out my Affiliate Disclosure here.


Each of these books are wonderful for helping you raise your emotional intelligence and even that of your child as they grow.  Building emotional intelligence will help them both personally and professionally.




  • SixSeconds – This is a great resource to help build emotional intelligence.  It’s a site that is focused on positive change and goes into how much better a place the world would be if more people had higher EQs.  Think about that for a minute!
  •  The Emotional Intelligence Consortium – This is an excellent website that offers reports, references, books and even a membership for people and organizations who are interested in the idea of emotional intelligence.
  • MindTools – This website has different intellectual tools available, some of which are devoted to developing emotional intelligence. This is focused on business and team building through improving emotional intelligence. Escape games, anyone?
  • Emotional Intelligence & MSCEIT – If you want academic information, tests, workshops, schools and more related to emotional intelligence this is a good place with reliable information.
  • Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence – This is an excellent center with a program that seeks to improve the emotional intelligence of future generations through incorporating EI training into the community through schools and the community.
  • Practical Emotional Intelligence – A website by Chris Golis that offers practical help for people wanting to learn more about EI. He is a speaker and trainer in emotional intelligence for individuals, businesses and teams and offers a lot of different training options and information regarding EI. He has a good list of resources and infographics about emotional intelligence.

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10 Ways (and countless reasons to) Improve Emotional Intelligence


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