How to Create a Statement Front Door for your personality

Statement Front Door – How To Create One For Your Personality

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Your front door can make or break or break your curb appeal in more ways than one.  A dingy front door can ruin the sleek look of your home.  However, a front door of the wrong color can equally take away the look of your entire home.

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How can I create a great looking front door without going overboard?

Great question! There are a few steps to take before you break out the ol’ trusty paintbrush.

Take the outside all in!

Check out the rest of the exterior of your home.  You need to take the siding, shutters, rock or brick, and any other surrounding colors all into consideration.  Don’t forget the roof!  Also – there is zero need to have your front door be the exact same color as your shutters… you read that right… ZERO need.  They do need to be a part of the same color scheme though so keep that in mind as your brain wanders to beautiful colors.


In this day and age, there is also zero need to reinvent the wheel.  Pinterest and Google are around for a reason.  Use them!  Look up homes that have a similar color scheme as yours.  You’ll find some great options.  Odds are, you’ll also find some examples of those that you definitely don’t want to use (Thank you neighbor on the corner with the yellow door, paired with faded yellow siding… now the whole world knows what not to do!)  Speaking of neighbors, when I was working on my ideas, I paid extra attention any time I walked or drove anywhere (but safety first.)

What do you like?How to create a statement front door for your personality. Front door in background.

Now that you narrowed down the colors that look good with your home and those that  you need to shy away from, what do you like?  As you can tell from my front door (and probably any of my other home renovation posts), I am strongly drawn to the blues and greens of the world.. preferably if you put them together to form some sort of turquoise.  There were plenty of turquoises that would’ve looked terrible with the exterior of my home, but I was lucky to find one soft enough to be a good fit (and I LOVE it!)

Keep your decorating style in mind!

When doing my front door, the last thing I wanted was for the color of the door to take away from my Christmas decorations.  I love the look of a yellow door but I have a hard time imagining how to decorate around it for winter.  It’s such a summer color.  If you are talented in this area, you’ll probably be able to make it work.  I couldn’t (and yellow would look terrible with the rest of my color scheme anyway so I didn’t have to try too hard.)

Utilize your local home improvement store!

Many paint manufactures offer color scheme paint swatches.  Check these out and you may be surprised at what looks great with your color scheme.  Most have the booklets that even have the exterior shown in different colors to help you choose!  Statement front doors are a big thing right now, so there are lots of options to get inspiration.

Do it!

Finally, Just do it!  If it looks terrible, you can always repaint your door a new color.  Once you have your beautiful new front door, be sure to top it with a contrasting wreath, some new door hardware, and perhaps some décor of similar color.

Bring the Rest of Your Door Up to Date!

If you have outdated hardware, once you paint your door a beautiful, shiny, new color, that hardware will stick out like a sore thumb.  Updating the hardware will complete the look of the update.  Adding a contrasting wreath will complete the transformation.

There are many new hardware options.  My favorites are this one, this one, and definitely this one (it has a keypad entry, which I definitely want to invest in, considering all the times the kids locked themselves out of the house!)

Child with bookbag standing on porch in front of front door. Caption: "I use it as a backdrop for first day of school pictures now!"

What is your favorite color for a front door?  I’d love to here from you!


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