10 Epic S'mores Variations You'll Want to Roast Tonight

10 Epic S’mores Variations You’ll Want to Roast Tonight

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mmmm S’mores… the quintessential campfire snack for summer and fall.  What could be better than sitting around a hot campfire, with a cool breeze going, surrounded by your favorite people, and eating a S’more?  Well, there could be a better s’more…

10 S'mores Variations You'll Want to Roast Tonight

The ONE thing that I dislike about S’mores is that when you bite into it, the graham cracker breaks at the wrong spot because the S’more sandwich is kind of fat and everything is gooey and warm except the graham cracker!  Then you have crumbs all over your face, chocolate on your lap and you have to do it all over again with the next bite.

Sandwich Your S’more with Cookies!


How do you fix this?  Well you could substitute the graham cracker with something that breaks a little easier…. LIKE A COOKIE.  Whhhaaattt?!  Picture this: a soft gooey half-baked cookie sandwich with melted chocolate and hot marshmallow fresh off the stick.  You bite into it and don’t have to worry about where it breaks… because it breaks where your teeth tell it to break.  And instead of worrying about dropping chocolate on your lap you’re smiling and dancing like a Winterfresh commercial…



Anyway… I digress.  Let’s look at some other awesome ways to deviate from the S’more norm.


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10 Epic S'mores Variations You'll Want to Roast Tonight
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Replace the Chocolate with Peanut Butter Cup

Yes… enter peanutbuttery, chocolatey goodness.  Did you know they actually make Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that have Reese’s Pieces inside them now?!  Ah-mazing!  You can find them here. (Be prepared to drool)

Add Strawberries 

Hello! This is a no-brainer.  Everyone loves chocolate covered strawberries, right?  Well slice up some strawberries nice and thin.  Roast that marshallow.  Make that S’more.  But THEN, open up the top and add some of those yummy strawberry slices.  If you like fruit, and you like chocolate, and you believe in heaven… this. is. it.  You can replace the graham cracker with sugar cookie and give yourself a strawberry shortcake S’more!

Marshmallow Fluff Instead of Whole Marshmallows

Sometimes, one of the downsides to a traditional S’more is that the marshmallow is a little much.  As in.. there’s a little too much marshmallow and not enough of the other stuff.  You can get around that by using Marshmallow Fluff instead of an actual marshmallow.  Don’t know what I mean by Marshmallow Fluff?  It’s this amazing stuff.  Now – what this does is it also takes away the marshmallow roasting experience.  But fear not!  You can either use a campfire griddle or some fire resistant tongs to grill/roast the whole sandwich over the fire.  Experience saved 🙂

If you care not about the fire roasting experience (or you do, but it’s raining) you can always do the same thing in the microwave on on a cast iron skillet.

Try Out the Variety of Graham Crackers

There are lots of them: Cinnamon, Chocolate, Honey, etc.  See which one you like best.

Add Peanut Butter

I’m not a big peanut butter fan unless it’s traditional PB&J.  My husband, however will slather peanut butter on anything he can… including his S’mores.  And he swears by them.

Banana Split Dish


Add Banana

You know those chocolate covered banana pieces that you can get at gourmet shops or Edible Arrangements?  Adding banana to your S’more is even better because it’s fresh so the banana doesn’t have time to get all gooey!

Add Peanut Butter AND Banana

No further explanation needed.

Make a Banana Split S’more

You’ll already have the chocolate.  You’ll have the marshmallow.  You can add some strawberries and some pineapples, maybe some nuts.  This is a little hard to eat so I like to put in all in a bowl and smash it up.  Then I like to top it with some whipped cream (and sometimes even add some ice cream)!

blur, chocolate, close -up

Swap Out the Graham Cracker For Pretzels

This doesn’t help at all with the breaking at the wrong place.  HOWEVER, it is ridiculous how good it is.  The saltiness of the pretzel mixed in with the sweetness of the chocolate and marshmallow is like  a little explosion of incredible in your mouth.

Mix & Match Any of the Above (and Your Own)

Put strawberries on your pretzel S’more with Marshmallow Fluff.  Make a banana S’more with peanut butter cookies and icing.  Be creative!  You’ll be surprised how great things taste when you mix and match opposite flavors.  Most importantly, have fun!


What kind of S’more variations are your favorite?  

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