How to Actually Use Tailwind to Grow Your Traffic Effortlessly

How to Actually USE Tailwind to Grow Your Traffic Effortlessly

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How to Actually Use Tailwind to Grow Your Traffic Effortlessly

I’ve seen thousands (probably literally) of articles on why to use Tailwind to generate great traffic to your site.  I’m sure by now you know how awesome it is, and that it’s great for uping your numbers.  But Tailwind has so many great features that its kind of easy to get lost.  Don’t get me wrong… it’s user-friendly to use, for sure… but all good things take a little time to use at expert level.. so in an attempt to bring you there at warp speed, I’ve compiled a list of things to do to ACTUALLY USE Tailwind to grow your traffic, not just why you should use it.

I use Tailwind primarily as a scheduling tool for Pinterest, but you can now use it for Instagram too (I’m just starting that part.)  What I like about it is that I can add pins in bulk to my Tailwind schedule and then just set it and let it go…off to be posted based on the schedule that either you choose or Tailwind chooses for you based on your audience engagement. That’s right, it’ll post during optimal times. And I’m not just talking about scheduling pins out for the week… I can get a whole month down at one time.  Then as I post new blog posts, I can just add them to that schedule and still be kosher. It’s an official Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner, so you don’t have to worry about things being removed.  It also has some really great reporting factors that can give you a quick snapshot of how your pins are doing.

By the way, if anyone decides to check it out, here’s my affiliate link to Tailwind 🙂

Since I write to share ideas & products that I love, naturally my content may contain affiliate links.  For more information, check out my Affiliate Disclosure here.

Once you figure out how your pins are doing, you can really use Tailwind to push your content and strategies to the How to actually use tailwind to grow your traffic effortlesslynext level.  Recirculate the pins that are doing the best.  Look at the setup of your pin’s image.  Perhaps do more of what is doing well.  If you are a broad niche or have several niches, you can use these tools to drill down to what is working, and what isn’t.  Where is your time most well spent?  The numbers will tell you.

It also helps you schedule pins in a way that’s going to keep you in the good graces of the Pinterest gods 🙂  Pinterest acts similarly to google in that if you are too spammy, they won’t show much of your pins since they like only give the best content.

Here’s my breakdown of Tailwind features.  This is super long (sorry about that but I wanted to give as much detail as I can.)

Before we get into it, Tailwind offers a free trial with no time limit.  Check it out here.  For the free trial you can schedule up to 100 Pins on Pinterest and 30 posts on Instagram in order to figure out if it’s right for you.  During that time you can join tribes and use some of the paid features.  I am part of the Plus Plan, which is the ONLY thing I pay for, for my blog right now (besides the domain, of course.)  I think it was $120 for a year.


While your reading, take notice to how my graphs are all on the uphill climb since I’ve started using Tailwind (and I haven’t even gotten super serious about it yet!)


Profile Performance Page

Tailwind FollowersFollowers

The first tab shows you the number of followers that you currently have how many you gained in the last 7 days. (Plus a nice little graph so you can see your progress.) You can also see the daily follower growth, how many new followers you obtained (or lost) each day over the past week.

Tailwind PinsPins

In the same manner, the pins section shows you how many pins you have total as well as how many you pinned in the past 7 days.  There’s another graph over time and a bar chart for the daily pin activity

Check Tailwind out here.

Tailwind RepinsRepins

The Repin section works the same way.  It shows you how many repins your pins have gotten and how many of those were in the past 7 days.  The graph so you can see over time and the bar chart for daily repin growth.  Keep in mind that this is all of your pin content… so not just pins from your site.




*To change the range on your graph on any of these pages, you can move these two little toggles to move the date range, or make it larger or smaller. (See red box)

Board Insights Page

The Board Insights Page gives you a good overview of which board is doing the best of yours.  You can check or uncheck group boards (on most things they are going to go straight to the top because they usually have a lot of followers, have a lot of pins, and do a lot of repins.)

Tailwind Board Insights

You can find similar content to add to your board by clicking on the “find similar content” button under each board.

Or go directly to the board itself by clicking.

Check Tailwind out here.


Tailwind PIns

Pins show you the total that you have in that particular board and any that you’ve added the past 7 days.


Tailwind Followers


Followers show you the total number of followers that you have for that particular board as well as how many you have gained or lost in the past 7 days.

Check Tailwind out here.


Tailwind Repins

Repins show you the total number of repins for that particular board as well as how many repins in the past 7 days.

Virality Score

Tailwind Virality Score

Tailwind calculates a Virality Score for each of your boards (the higher the better, there’s no top number.)  It calculates this based on the number of repins per pin.  The above score of 84.75 is the highest of any of my boards.  I have one pin on this board (which you can see only has 16 pins total) that gets several repins each week.

Engagement Score

Tailwind Engagement Score

The Engagement Score takes the Virality score and divides it by followers.  This tells you the engagement of your audience.  This number isn’t capped either so the higher the better.

*I use the Engagement and Virality Scores to see how well my pins are doing on group boards.  I can then focus on the group boards that are doing well for me and maybe get out of the ones that aren’t going anywhere.


Tailwind SidebarLet’s move over to the sidebar. (See Left)

Always post at the best times

As soon as you hover over it, it will expand.


If you have both a Pinterest and Instagram account, you’ll be able to toggle between the two by hovering over your picture.


Weekly Summary Tailwind Weekly Summary

The Dashboard Overview breaks down a quick overview of your Repins against your average, your domain pins (the ones that lead back to your blog) against your average, your follower gain/loss against your average, and any recent comments.



Tailwind followers

Tailwind repins and domain pins

Each of these has the ability for you to click on the little blue mountain to see a graph of your data over time.

At the bottom, it tells you about your Most Repinned Boards and what category is most repinned.

Tailwind Most Repinned Boards

Tribes Tailwind Tribes

Tribes are what Tailwind is all about! (Mostly)  The numbers over the icon are all the new pins that I haven’t looked at (It’s been about a week since I’ve really gotten on and dug around in here… but I still never get through them all.)

For the Plus Plan (and I believe the free plan), you can belong to up to 10 tribes.  The more expensive plans allow more tribes (I think the next step is actually unlimited.) I actually belong to 11 because I joined them before they capped it out at 10.  Any tribes that you create don’t count as part of your 10.  Since there is a limit as to how many you can be on, you want to make sure that the ones that you are on are actually doing something for you.

Check Tailwind out here.

Each tribe will have its own unique rules.  Many of the tribes I belong to are a 1:1 tribe.  Meaning that for each pin you add to the tribe, you need to repin/share one. Some are 1:2 tribes. You can see the number of how many things you’ve submitted to the tribe versus how many things you’ve shared by looking at the grey and teal numbers next to your tribe’s name.

Grey is the number of things that you’ve submitted to the tribe, teal is the number of things that you’ve shared from the tribe (so there is some accountability here, which is great.)

Tailwind Tribe ListOnce you are a part of a tribe, you can see the overall reshares for that tribe, the repins for that tribe as well as the number of reshares, repins and reach for your own pins.

When you are in a tribe, you can easily schedule pins.  As you scroll through the tribe, it looks very similar to scrolling through Pinterest, with nothing but pins showing up.  You can also search within the tribe, which is nice.Tailwind Tribes View



If you want to add a pin to your queue, you can simply click on the green button, add the board name to add it to, and it immediately counts toward the pins that you shared!


Tailwind Tribes Overview


Find a Tribe

There is a ‘Find a Tribe’ feature for folks that still have tribes to find.  You can search by category based on your niche.  I searched beauty bloggers since I know several of them.  Here’s the top of what came up:

Tailwind Tribe Pins

Check Tailwind out here.

Now, I already have my limit of tribes (which is why the button is saying to Add PowerUp.)  You can see that some of them let you just join (green) and others make you request to join.  You can see how many members are part of the tribe and how active those members are on average.  You have the option to preview the tribe before you request or join it.  I would recommend this since you actually have to pin from this tribe if you are going to submit to it.  You want content that you’re actually interested in and make sure that it looks like your content will fit in and get repinned as well.


Publish Tailwind Publish

Pin DescriptionHere is where you will publish your pins either to your tribes or to your Pinterest boards.  The red number is the number of open drafts that I currently have.


Drafts are where you can draft up the pins that you want to create.  Under each one you have the ability to add boards (or board groups, which I’ll talk about later), the description, there’s a checkbox for if you want it to also post to facebook and/or Twitter.  You can also add to tribes, and to your pinterest queue (which we’ll also talk about in a sec.)  In my experience, you can only add to tribes right now.  I’d really like to be able to schedule them.  You can easily see where the post will link back to (although it only shows the main link, even though it will link back to an embedded link.  For example, you can see my link for this post displays as, but this post actually links back to the actual blog post within my main page of  But it’s still an easy way to see that there is a proper link attached and you didn’t forget that most important step!)

Scheduled Pins

Tailwind comes up with posting times based on how well your content does.

You can specify how often you would like it to post each day.  From there it will either recommend times or you can tell it specific times that you prefer.  Once you add something to your queue (by clicking the green ‘Add to Queue button’), it’s a ‘set it and forget it’ type of thing.  It’ll be added to the end of your queue and will post at one of those specified times.

Tailwind Schedule

Tailwind ScheduleIf you are adding one of your pins to several boards (such as to a bunch of group boards) you want to be sure that you don’t have them posting on your schedule one right after the other.  Pinterest will view this as being spammy.  You want to have some other pins mixed around in there.  The easiest way to do that is to pin from your tribes (then you can post to them without worrying about being over the limit) and then click on the “shuffle queue” button at the top of your schedule!  I usually hit it a few times just to make sure it’s really shuffled.  If you wanted, you can manually move them around by clicking and dragging but I find it easier to just click the button.



Tailwind Board Lists

Board Lists

If you have several boards that you typically pin to, you can create board lists instead of adding them manually to each and every board each and every time (LOVE this feature!) I have one for most of my categories with some group boards in each board list.  Here are two of my board lists.


How to acutally use tailwind to grow your traffic effortlesslyMonitor Your Domain

Tailwind lets you monitor activity on the pins from your domain as well as the traffic that it drives to your site.


Gives you a daily average of your domain pins each day, the average number of pinners that pin your pins and the potential impressions.

Organic Activity

Organic activity basically lets you see the latest pins from your domain and groups them by image.

Referral Traffic

This is my favorite feature to monitor my domain from Tailwind.  This tells you how many visitors, how many visits, how many page views, and how much revenue was gained through site through your pins, as well as the daily average.

Optimize Content

The Pin Inspector table holds every pin that you’ve ever pinned. You can sort the table to your liking (Hint: holding the shift key lets you sort multiple fields.)  You could also search in the search bar for the specific pin that you are looking for (such as by hashtag or domain), or click the checkboxes for the category, board, a date range, or from your website.

Check Tailwind out here.

Scheduling made easy Tailwind Pinterest

This lets you easily reschedule pins, add them to tribes, or find similar content.  It tells you the number of repins and comments. I go through this monthly to see which pins are doing the best and reschedule them to keep them circulating.

Chrome Browser Extension

Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to touch on the Chrome Browser Extension.  This is a simple chrome extension that you install on your Chrome browser.  Anytime you hover over an image a little Tailwind icon will show. If you click on icon, you can quickly create multiple posts from any site.  It even lets you repin on Pinterest.  I use this ALOT.  It’s the first thing I do after I post a new blog post… I get on my site and create pins from all (or most) of the images in one fell swoop!

With all of this… there are a few things that you can do to help Tailwind skyrocket your pins:

  1. Make stellar, pinnable images

  2. Have rich pins

  3. Belong to Tailwind Tribes and stay active in them

  4. Belong to (and use Tailwind to schedule your pins to) lots of group Pinterest boards

  5. Have a Pin It button on your website

  6. Use keywords in your description (remember Pinterest is a search engine just like google)

  •  RECAP
    • Create your pins through the chrome extension
    • Add your pins to your scheduler so you can ‘set it and forget it’ (remember to shuffle your queue!)
    • Use all of the tools that Tailwind has to offer and watch your numbers grow; I did :)

Did you find this helpful?  If so, be sure to share it!

Tailwind Made easy




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  1. I really like how detailed this is! Some posts about using this are pretty vague and I didn’t know that you could use it for Instagram! Very insightful post!

  2. The best tool ever for managing the Pinterest is and there are no second thoughts about it. After using it for 4 months now, I must say, it has contributed a lot in adding the followers and boosting my earnings too.
    Firstly, it is absolutely amazing investment especially when it comes to the artificial intelligence that it uses to pin the relevant items, find and show the right content which will be popular with my target audience. And to top it all, the great help it offers in scheduling the pins automatically and what I need to do is just feed my preferences once a week and it does the rest of the job. I love that I don’t have to create multiple PinPinterest accounts to manage multiple Pinterest accounts. I can manage them all at one place.

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