Alabaster Ambition & Me!

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All About Me!

I’m Heather and I’m the creator of Alabaster Ambition.  I am an adventurer at heart, travelling and meeting new people at every opportunity.  My day job (which I love!) finds me managing a few departments at a local health system.  My night work consists of my two boys and my passion, of which you are reading (Thank you!)

I teach leadership development courses, and mentor whenever possible.  I have a passion for helping others find and fulfill theirs.  Nothing is more satisfying than seeing someone succeed in something you know they had their heart set on and worked like hell to make it happen.

My husband and I are constantly working on improving our home – both inside and out.  We started out taking it one room at a time, but then spread out into what we wanted to do most on our Pennsylvanian home.  He’s a superintendent for a local contractor so I get to have my own personal handy man 🙂

Alabaster Ambition is a blog that covers probably more than the recommended number of topics.  My expertise in leadership and career, my experience (along with my husband’s expertise) in home renovations and

décor, my travel, and my overall lessons learned in life.

Why Alabaster Ambition?

Well, to be 100% honest, the name for this blog did NOT come easy.  It took several days and many sleepless nights before I found “the one.”  I needed a name that was versatile (because, hey! my niche is rather robust) but also something that meant something to me.

I wanted something that was going to show my desire to speak to people… I mean really speak to them in a way that inspires and motivates.  Ambition. That was the easy part.  Now I needed something that went along with it.  Something that was nice on the tongue but that also meant versatile.  The reason that I wanted a word that literally meant versatile is because in life you have to be adaptable.  You have to go with the flow.  So while you have this ambition to accomplish all of these great things, they don’t just happen overnight.  Things come up and you need to maneuver around them, but keep up your ambition to meet your goal.  Enter Alabaster.

Alabaster is a stone that is often used to carve beautiful pottery or statues.  It has the rare ability to be able to be polished so much that it becomes translucent (source).  This stone has been used since the times of ancient Egypt up until today in building, crafting, and carving. It has a rich, white speckled color that can be seen from great distances.

To Sum it Up…

Alabaster Ambition is the perfect name for my blog.  You need the ambition to be polished into something wonderful. You need ambition to overcome obstacles.  Be it that you didn’t get the job that you applied for, you tore out some drywall to unexpectedly find some rotting beams, your dream is to backpack across Europe, or your kid is throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of Target, you must keep your ambition if you are going to turn into polished alabaster. 🙂


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